This webpage is about Spanish Genealogy. For this purpose most of the entries of this Blog are in Spanish. However , there are some articles in English about Family History. Some of them are  related to Ireland . Others are related to international celebrities born in Spain . 

More  entries in English are to be added soon.

There is also an explanation video about  of our task in this entry. 

 Comments in English can be made  as well. Just scroll down to the bottom .  It is also possible to send a comment thru whatsapp ( green  sign at the bottom of the page, on the right)  

Here is the list of entries in English.

Other entries in English in our Blog: click on the buttons or pictures

Leonardo Buñuel, Luis Buñuel's father
Picture of the spanish writer Ramon J. Sender . He is the author of some novels about Spanish Civil War
The Duchess of Frias. Victoire Balfe, former opera singer.
Kennicott Bible and other remains of the Jewish past in La Coruna, Spain

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Soldiers preparing to leave for the front during the Spanish Civil War in 1937

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